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Mar 28, 2023

In this week’s episode of CPhT CONNECT, we speak with Tom Gibson, who leveraged his experience as a pharmacy technician and supervisor to land a dream job. Tom started as a tech at a local drugstore, where a chance encounter with the manager sparked his passion. Soon he was supervising 40+ techs at a hospital, optimizing workflows, and thriving under pressure.

Now a systems analyst, Tom helps implement the technologies streamlining pharmacy technician lives nationwide. Yet, despite his success, Tom’s roots as a tech run deep. He’s here to share the wisdom of a trailblazer who never forgot where he came from.

Whether you seek to lead or innovate, Tom’s story proves the endless possibilities for pharmacy technicians. Listen in for an episode to innovate and inspire as CPhT CONNECT, helps you connect to the future of this fast-growing field.