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May 15, 2024

Welcome to Episode 79 of CPhT Connect, the Podcast for Pharmacy Technicians! Join host Mike Johnston as he engages in an inspiring conversation with Josie Quick, an inventory specialist and senior pharmacy technician at Sanford Health in Fargo, North Dakota.

Josie shares her incredible journey into the pharmacy world, from starting as a pharmacy clerk recruited by a pharmacist impressed by her attention to detail to her current role overseeing inventory for both hospital and retail pharmacies.

Explore the unique challenges and rewards of pharmacy practice in rural areas with Josie, including navigating staffing shortages and advocating for patients' needs. She also shares her passion for fostering children and animals, highlighting the impact of providing loving environments for those in need.

Throughout the episode, Josie emphasizes the power of networking in exploring advanced pharmacy roles and seizing opportunities for professional growth. Her story serves as a testament to the diverse pathways available to pharmacy technicians and the transformative impact they can have within the profession.

Don't miss this enlightening episode filled with wisdom, encouragement, and practical guidance for navigating the dynamic landscape of pharmacy. Tune in now to uncover Josie Quick's extraordinary journey and glean inspiration for your own professional endeavors.


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